It’s hard to believe it but warmer weather is on the way! Get a head start on pool season by booking your pool opening now. Click here to book your pool opening today!Woman lounging in a pool wearing a sun hat.

Check out our pool opening packages below:

Full Pool Opening

With a full opening, our pool service technicians will:

  • Remove water and debris from your cover.
  • Clean cover and waterbags if applicable.
  • Reinstall all pool fittings, accessories, and deck equipment.
  • Clean the waterline, coping, and chrome.
  • Clean winter debris from the deck.
  • De-winterize your equipment.
  • Test equipment and start circulation (depending on water level, this may be done the next working day).
  • Super-Chlorinate your pool.

Please note that additional covers may incur an extra charge. For example, vinyl covers must be stored in water. We will place them in a container if provided, but you must add water and algaecide.

Partial/Safety Cover Opening

Our partial opening is the same as a full, except that the customer must remove all water and debris from the cover, leaving it completely empty and ready for removal by our crew. This applies to pools with a safety cover unless an additional cover is installed underneath.

Above Ground Pool Opening

Same as Full Opening.

Pool Start Up

With this package, the customer performs the complete opening. Total Tech’s crew will then install the deck features, de-winterize equipment, and start and test the system.

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