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When should I close my pool?

Many people are choosing to keep their pools open longer as an open pool is much nicer to look at than a closed one. If you have a lot of leaves falling into the pool and lazy kids, you may choose to close at this time. As long as the water is circulating you will not have to worry about “freeze ups” for a long time, until it gets very cold.

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Chemical Treatment

Please ask our staff for your specific pool requirements.

  1. Have your water tested and balanced a few days prior to closing.
  2. In the days just prior to closing, add stain and scale control (Cop-Out) and algaecide (Wham-O).
  3. On the day of closing, super chlorinate (Aqua Super Shock) the pool or you may use a non-chlorine oxidizer (Brite-Plus).

NOTE: The above steps also apply if you are closing your own pool.

How to Close My Own Pool

  1. Turn off the power to your pump. Note: If you have a heater, be sure to shut down the heater 15 – 20 minutes before you turn your pump off.
  2. Drain water down until the level is BELOW the return jets.
  3. Remove the ladder(s).
  4. Remove all the return jets, including any jets in the “walk in” stairs.
  5. If your pool has an underwater light, remove the light from the niche and sink it in the water using a heavy weight.
  6. Disconnect the backwash hose from the filter head and attach a high power blower. Set the filter head select dial to the re-circulate position. Let the blower run for approx. 10 – 15 minutes, until no more water is coming out of the jets.
  7. While the blower is still running, screw in the winterizing cap starting with the jets closest to your pool equipment. Repeat the same for all the jets until all are capped off.
  8. If your pool has a main drain line, you can cap it off with a rubber expansion plug.
  9. Once all the water has been blown out of the skimmer, cap off the skimmer line using a “Gizmo” or “Super Gizmo”.

How to Close My Own Pool – Winterize Your Pump and Filter

  1. Remove the drain cap from the under side of your filter. Check to make sure that water is flowing freely from your filter. Allow filter to drain overnight. DO NOT replace cap.
  2. Remove the drain plugs from your pump. There should be two. Place the plugs in a place where you can find them for next season. (e.g the skimmer basket)
  3. If you have a Chlorinator/Brominator, remove any unused chlorine/bromine from unit. Remove the drain plug and allow the water to drain out.

How to Close My Own Pool – Winterize Your Heater

Open all drain plugs. Disconnect pressure switch from water supply & turn gas valve to the off position. Shut off gas supply valve to heater. (Valve should be at 90 degrees or perpendicular to gas line when in the off position.)

How to Close My Own Pool – Winter Cover

  1. Place winter cover over pool. Make sure the cover goes down the wall and sits on the water surface. Secure with water bags. (DO NOT secure cover with bricks or flowerpots.)
  2. Spray water on top of cover to weigh it down.

How to Close My Own Pool – Final Step

  1. Remove fuse or tape off circuit breaker so power isn’t accidentally restored during winter.
  2. Secure pool area with lock on gate.

How to Close My Own Pool – Closing Tips

  1. Make sure your pool is clean and balanced prior to closing.
  2. Store all plugs, gauges, jets, etc. inside your skimmer basket and store in a safe place.

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