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Pool owners often become overwhelmed with the amount of pool chemicals on the market. Our philosophy is to only sell our customers what they need. We can help simplify matters by explaining what every chemical does and how it should be used properly. Here is a basic chemical treatment program that will help you keep your pool looking great all season.



Chemical Treatment Program (Medium Pool – Approximately 90,000 L)


  1. Check pH and chlorine levels and adjust if necessary.
  2. Empty baskets in pump and skimmer (ensure that the heater has been off for at least 20 minutes prior to turning off pump)
  3. Brush and skim pool.


  1. Refill chemical dispenser (chlorinator or brominator).
  2. Broadcast 1 kg (approximately 2 cups) of oxidizer (non-chlorine shock treatment) over surface of pool.
  3. Vacuum pool.
  4. Backwash filter.
  5. Top up pool if necessary.

NOTE: It may be necessary to super-chlorinate your pool with unstabilized chlorine if one of the following conditions has been encountered:

  • Heavy rain
  • Hot weather for several days
  • Chlorine level drops below 1 PPM
  • Pool is cloudy
  • Heavy bather load

TIP: Brushing your pool regularly will prevent algae growth and save money on chlorine.

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