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Important Pool Safety Tips

Remember there is no substitute for proper supervision!!

  • Ensure that all gates are self-closing and latching and that fencing is intact and secure. Check with your local municipality for current regulations.
  • Instruct children on the safest way to use the pool as well as emergency procedures.
  • Do not allow running around the pool.
  • Keep all glass and other sharp items away from the pool.
  • Keep all electrical sources away from the pool.
  • Install adequate underwater lighting for night-time swimming (these are available as an easily installed addition at minimal cost).
  • Ensure your pool is safe for diving and instruct bathers on the correct way to dive.
  • Slides are unsafe at the best of times.
  • Keep all chemicals out of reach of children and pets.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the safe handling, storage, and use of all chemicals.

** These tips are not intended to advise you on all safety precautions relating to pools.**