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We offer pool closing services in Kingston and the surrounding communities.

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  • Safety Cover Owners — Please remember it is best to close the pool later and open the pool early to avoid a green pool in the Spring! This is key to avoiding a costly, time-consuming mess in the Spring.

    Important Notes

    C.O.D. on all services

    Unfortunately cleaning is not part of our standard closing service. It is recommended that the pool be as clean as possible and chemically balanced prior to closing.

    Please check your pool regularly during the winter to ensure the cover remains in place and replace waterbags or cover retainer strips as necessary.

    It is very important that the pool maintains its water level during the winter.Should leakage occur, top up the pool periodically and have the pool opened very early in the spring.

    Please ensure water and power, as well as all closing supplies, are accessible.

    Above ground pool owners: Total Tech Pools does not warranty the structure of an above ground pool as part of it’s closing service.

    Please ensure all timers are turned off. (especially those inside the home).

    Please remove any drop in stairs prior to closing appointment.

    Solar Systems – We will do our best to blow out your solar system! However we cannot allow our staff on the roof of any structure (prohibited by our Insurance carrier). We are unable to offer any guarantee but we do perform this service. Free Of Charge to you.

    Gizmo’s – We will ensure a Gizmo is installed in (In Ground and On Ground pools) to help prevent freezing damage to the skimmer. They are a good preventative but not a guarantee against freezing damage to the skimmer.

    For those with a Safety Cover on the pool please remember to open the pool EARLY (before May 10th) to prevent a green pool in the spring.

    Fiberglass Pool Owners: Please remember to empty and drain your sump well throughout the winter season! This is especially important after a melt or a heavy rainfall. It is very important to maintain the water in your pool at the level recommended by the pool manufacturer/builder. Damage to the pool can occur if these measures are not followed.

Types Of Closings

Full Closing

  • Draining water to appropriate level
  • Removing and storing deck equipment (it is not necessary to remove diving boards or slides for the winter, however, they will be removed if specially requested.)
  • Winterizing equipment and plumbing
  • Installing winter cover and water bags
  • Super chlorinating
  • Freeze Protection Guarantee

Partial Closing

  • Same as Full Service Closing EXCEPT customer pumps out the pool so the water level is just below the return jets.
  • Freeze Protection Guarantee

Equipment Winterizing

  • Winterizing equipment and plumbing
  • Freeze Protection Guarantee