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Pool Pumps

The pump is the heart of a pools circulation system. Its job is to draw water from the pool, pass it through the filter and heater, and then return it back to the pool. When deciding on the right type of pump for you there are a few factors to consider, such as:

  • the pumping capacity relative to your pool size
  • the operating costs
  • the maintenance steps

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Pool Filters

The filter’s job is to keep pool water clean and free from debris. There are three basic types of filters and all are designed to remove the oils, grease and dirt from your pool water.

The most popular is the high-rate sand filter, mainly due to its simplistic operation and maintenance. The pool water is pumped through layers of sand within a pressurized container. The dirt and grease particles are retained in the sand. The filter requires regular cleaning that should be performed before your pool water begins to lose clarity.

Key indicators as to when cleaning is necessary are an increase in the pressure registered by the gauge on the filter tank, and a reduction in the water circulation. The high-rate sand filter is cleaned by backwashing, which reverses the flow of water through the filter and pumps it out a waste line. Backwashing lifts the particles collected, raises the sand bed and cleans it. With proper cleaning, the sand can last indefinitely.

The third type is the cartridge filter, within which pool water is circulated through cartridges of fibrous material. These cartridges can be removed, washed and soaked in a cleaning agent. The cartridges should be replaced when they fail to maintain clear water in the pool or when they show signs of wearing.

All three types of filter vary in size, your choice depending largely on the size and usage of your pool.

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