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Aqua Salt Cell Cleaner

Cleans salt generator cells. An inhibited acidic product designed to remove scale to improve the efficiency of the cell to produce chlorine.

Aqua Sea-Quest 1 Litre

Helps prevent stains and scale formation in swimming pools. Helps prevent scaling of the cells in the generators.

Aqua Sparkling Clear 1 Litre

A superior treatment for removing suspended solids to produce crystal clear pool water.

Aqua Super Clarifier 1 Litre

It helps eliminate scum lines and improves filter efficiency. Makes pool water shine. Improves filter performance.

Aqua Superpucks 6kg

Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water. 200 gram stabilized chlorine tablets.

Aqua Supershock

Unstabilized chlorine for weekly shock treatment. No need to pre-dissolve.

Aqua Trol

It also helps to maintain the pH of the pool at the proper level and prevents pH bounce.

Aqua Wham-O 50% Algaecide

Used to control the growth of algae in swimming pools, being effective on green, mustard and other algae.


CuLator is a powder chelator conveniently packaged in individual flow-through bags.

Mini Pucks

Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water. 15 gram stabilized chlorine tablets.

Spa Life Bromine Boost 100g

Bromine Boost is used to establish a bromide reserve in spas using Bromine Tablets (organic brominating compound) as the water disinfectant.

Spa Life Buffer 750gm

Spa Life Buffer is used to raise the total alkalinity in spa water.