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While the air is still crisp and the snow is still falling, it’s never too early to start thinking about booking your pool opening. Getting ahead of the queue will check off an item on your to-do list and allow you to enjoy pool season sooner rather than later. Booking your pool opening in advance also comes with these three benefits.

Check out these three reasons you should book your pool opening now:

1. Simplify Post-Winter Cleanup

Although the water won’t be warm enough to swim in yet, opening your pool earlier rather than later makes it easier to keep a lid on potential problems like:

  • 3 Reasons to Book Your Pool Opening NowAlgae Growth: There’s little algae loves more than a warm, damp habitat – like a covered pool on a warm April day – where it can flourish. In ideal conditions, an algae bloom can happen in only a few hours. Opening and treating your pool promptly will help deter algae buildups and keep your pool looking its best.
  • Pollen: While algae clings to walls, floors, and features, pollen retains its buoyancy and floats on top of the water. You can get rid of it by running your filtration system, skimming and vacuuming as often as necessary, and treating the water regularly.
  • Mosquitos: Water-laden pool covers can become the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos as early as the beginning of April. If you aren’t opening your pool until mid-April or later, make sure you get rid of any standing water left in the cover each week to keep mosquitos at bay.

Crossing “open the pool” off your to-do list earlier will also make looking after it a more straightforward process, as it’s not necessary to heat your pool and cold water has fewer chemical demands. This will give you more time to relax or tackle seasonal projects around the yard.

2. Schedule Your Pool Opening When It’s Convenient for You

Between openings, installations, and renovations, spring is a busy time of year for pool service companies. Getting your foot in the door earlier means you’ll be able to arrange your pool opening at a time that’s convenient for you. If you encounter issues that need to be repaired, you’ll also have ample time to address them before prime pool season gets underway.

3. Spruce Up Your Backyard with a Freshly Opened Pool

It’s invigorating after a long, cold winter to look outside and see clear water sparkling in your pool. Even if it’s not summer quite yet, you’ll feel that twinge of excitement when you think about the time you’ll soon be able to spend lounging by the poolside or floating in the water.

Don’t Delay – Book Your Pool Opening Today!

Full Pool Opening

During a full opening, our pool service technicians will:

  • Remove water and debris from your cover.
  • Clear and clean the cover and all water bags.
  • Reinstall all pool fittings, accessories, and deck equipment.
  • Clean the waterline, coping, and chrome.
  • Clean winter debris from the deck.
  • De-winterize your equipment.
  • Test equipment and start circulation (depending on water level, this may be done the next working day).
  • Super-Chlorinate your pool.

Please note that additional covers may incur an extra charge. Vinyl covers for example must be stored in water. We will place them in a container (if it’s provided), but the customer must add water and algaecide.

Partial/Safety Cover Opening

Our partial opening is the same as a full except that the customer needs to remove all water and debris from the cover, leaving it totally empty and ready for removal by our crew. This is applicable for pools with a safety cover (unless an additional cover is installed underneath).

Pool Start-Up

With this package, the customer performs the complete opening. Total Tech’s crew will then install the deck features, de-winterize equipment, and start and test the system.

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At Total Tech, our pool service technicians provide a full range of pool opening services for homeowners in Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding communities. Contact us to book your pool opening today!

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