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As the mornings get cooler and the days shorter, we can be sure of one thing: fall is in the air. What does that me
an if you have a pool? It’s time to book your closing!

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Full Pool Closing

During a full pool closing, pool service technicians will:

  • Drain the water to a proper level.
  • Remove all deck equipment. Keep in mind that slides and diving boards don’t necessarily need to be removed over the winter, though that can be done if specially requested.
  • Winterize all equipment, including plumbing.
  • Install winter covers.
  • Super chlorinate the water.
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At Total Tech, our pool closings also come with a Freeze Protection Guarantee – keeping your pool protected no matter how cold the winter gets!

Partial Pool Closing

A partial pool closing is the same as a full closing except that you need to pump the pool yourself, getting the water level down to just below the return jets. Partial pool closings also come with our Freeze Protection Guarantee.

Winterizing Your Pool Equipment

Our pool service technicians will winterize all of your pool’s equipment and plumbing, taking steps including:

  • Winterizing pool equipment.
  • Blowing out underground plumbing lines.
  • Winterizing lights, skimmers, and plugging lines.

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At Total Tech, our pool service technicians provide a full range of pool closing services including for homeowners in Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding communities. Contact us to book your pool closing today!

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Dave Warren

About Dave Warren

Dave Warren has been the president of Total Tech Pools & Leisure for more than 25 years, successfully developing the business into a one-stop pool shop. He is a Past President and currently serves as Secretary of the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada. He also serves on the Retail Council for APSP and is Chairman of the Retail Education Task Force. Additionally, he is a founding member of WAPSA (World Alliance of pool and Spa Associations) formed in Cologne, Germany in 2017. Dave believes in giving to those in need both locally and abroad, which is why Total Tech donates to a variety of charities, largely focusing on children and animals.