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It’s 10am on a hot Saturday morning and you’re ready to get out there to enjoy your pool. But when you get outside, you find you’re not the first one there. Maybe there is a swallow perched on your top step washing its feathers. In some cases you might even find a duck or two zipping around the water.

Birds can be a source of trouble for homeowners particularly due to the droppings and feathers they leave behind. Pools can also be dangerous places for birds to be, especially if they are young and still learning the ins-and-outs of flying.

Keep reading to learn what four things you can do to keep birds away from your pool:

1. Cover Your Pool When You’re Not There

Custom-fitted solar covers are good at keeping things out of your pool, birds included. Birds who only want to drift on top will find the surface unsteady, while those who want to go for a swim will be deterred when they can’t easily get underneath.

2. Use Pool Toys and Equipment to Your Advantage

Pool toys can be more than just something fun for you to lounge on. They, alongside certain pool equipment, can discourage birds from landing in your water:

  • If birds see something they suspect might be a predator floating on the surface of your water (alligator, shark, dolphin, etc.), they’ll be less likely to venture there themselves.
  • Underwater equipment (like an automatic vacuum cleaner) can represent a threat for birds as well. Even though they might not be able to see exactly what it is, the fact that there’s something lurking under the water will be enough to put them off.

Inflatable toys can also be helpful for birds and other small critters that accidentally land or fall into your pool. It can give them something to grab onto until you’re able to get them out.

3. Find Out-of-Water Deterrents

You have a few options here:

  • Scarecrows: These don’t necessarily have to be the strawmen mounted on poles. For birds, a scarecrow can be something like a fake predator (an owl, hawk, or falcon) that will make them think twice about resting in or near your pool. Make sure you move your scarecrow around occasionally to prevent birds from becoming too accustomed to it.
  • Reflective Elements: Depending on the layout of your yard, you might be able to string transparent fishing line from your roof to your fence in a criss-cross pattern or buy pre-strung netting that prevents birds from diving too low. Remember, though, that what you hang has to be high enough that it won’t be a hazard for humans using the pool. If this solution isn’t feasible for you, you can experiment with reflective banners or tape on fence posts and around the edges of your pool.

You can also use man’s best friend (your dog!) for real-life bird control. Having your furry companion outside with you when you’re in your pool can be enough to frighten birds away. Depending on your dog’s breed, they might also be more than happy to provide sonic discouragement by barking through windows.

4. Provide an Alternative to Your Pool

Although they can sometimes be a nuisance, birds are often a blessing for home and pool owners to have around their yard:

  • Controlling Pests: Your backyard is a sanctuary until mosquitos join the party. Birds are instrumental in keeping these and other pests like aphids and spiders under control.
  • Pollinating Flowers: Hummingbirds and other nectar-drinking birds are especially good pollinators, which makes them an asset for any garden.
  • Regulating Weeds: Not all birds are insect eaters. Those that prefer seeds (like sparrows and finches) can actually help you in reducing unwanted plants.

If you want to give birds a safe space to clean and prune themselves, consider installing a bird bath. You’ll find a range of styles available to suit the aesthetics of your yard.

When they’re sharing your space in a way that doesn’t disturb you, birds can provide enjoyment and stress relief as you listen to their songs and watch them fly back and forth. This atmosphere makes your pool a relaxing and tranquil place to be.

Dave Warren