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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Does your electricity bill spike during pool season? For many pool owners, the problem is a pump that demands a lot of energy.

Pool pumps are the heart of your pool’s circulation system. However, the problem with most pumps is that they run at full power all day, circulating water far more frequently than what’s needed to keep your pool clean and healthy.

The Impact of Energy Efficient Pumps for Pool Owners

New, energy-efficient pool pumps operate more intelligently and can save you hundreds of dollars every pool season.

Here are some figures from Conserve101, an electricity efficiency program in the United States:

Pumping Hours Per DayMonthly Kilowatt Hours for a 1 Horsepower MotorMonthly Kilowatt Hours for a 1.5 Horsepower MotorMonthly Kilowatt Hours for a 2 Horsepower Motor
264 kWh98 kWh126 kWh
4128 kWh196 kWh252 kWh
6192 kWh294 kWh378 kWh
8256 kWh392 kWh504 kWh
10320 kWh490 kWh630 kWh
12384 kWh588 kWh756 kWh
24768 kWh1176 kWh1512 kWh

In the 12 daily off-peak energy hours when the demand for electricity is lowest in Ontario, a kilowatt hour costs 8 cents. The six mid-peak hours are priced at 12.2 cents per kilowatt hour. In the remaining on-peak hours, a kilowatt hour costs 16.1 cents.

If you run a 1.5 horsepower pump for 24 hours a day, you’ll add $130 a month to your utility bill.

But many energy-efficient pumps can slash costs by 75%-80%, saving you almost $100 a month!

Product Spotlight: Pentair’s SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pump

Pentair SuperFlo VS PumpIf you’re looking for an affordable pool pump that saves energy, try the SuperFlo VS by Pentair. This pump can reduce your hydro bill by 80%! Click here to view details.

The SuperFlo VS is easy to program and operate and the 24-hour clock is part of a straightforward control panel. It gives you complete control over when the pump runs and rests.

You can choose between three speeds, which allow you to circulate pool water less frequently per day. This results in significant cost savings.

>> Total Tech Pools is a full-service pool company in Oakville and Kingston, Ontario. Contact us today to learn about our energy-efficient equipment that cuts the cost of maintaining a pool.

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