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Every pool owner wants sparkling water, but doing the work yourself can be a hassle without an automatic pool cleaner.

You need time and patience for manual cleaning. It can take an hour or two a week, and that adds up during four months of pool season. You’re after sun, fun, and relaxation – not another chore!

Instead of reaching for a pool brush, here’s why you should use an automatic pool cleaner:

1. It’s Stress-Free

Getting clear water doesn’t take much work with an automatic pool cleaner. Drop it in the pool, plug it in, and hit the on button.

It’ll roam your pool, collecting debris and sucking up dirt particles. It can also scrub the floor, walls, and steps.

You won’t have to plug in the manual vacuum hose when you come home after a long day to find insects, twigs and leaves in your water. Just let the cleaner do its job, and avoid adding another point to your to-do list!

2. They’re Reliable

An automatic pool cleaner is a long-term investment. High quality automatic pool cleaners can last for years, even with frequent use during swimming season.

For example, the Zodiac T3 has reinforced outer ribbing that protects its inner parts. As long as you follow the instruction manual when using the cleaner, the ribbing will ensure it lasts well beyond the two-year product warranty.

3. There’s a Model That’s Right for You

Automatic pool cleaners come in different sizes and prices. Some have special features, like technology to help them gently clean vinyl and fiberglass pools.

A big part of finding the right automatic pool cleaner is choosing between two popular types – suction cleaners and robotic cleaners.

A. Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners vacuum debris off the pool floor, while pushing fine particles into the filter.

You can use an automatic suction pool cleaner for:

  • Clearing cloudy water by removing fine grains of dirt and sand
  • Moving lots of water through the filtration system over a short amount of time
  • Scrubbing walls well enough for you to avoid brushing them

However, they struggle in pools with large, floating debris. If wind blows a lot of twigs and branches into your water, you should look for a robotic cleaner.

B. Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners run on electric motors. Plug your model into an outdoor outlet that’s protected by a circuit interrupter, and it’s ready.

You can use an automatic robotic pool cleaner for:

  • Removing both small particles and pieces of debris
  • Washing walls, paying particular attention to the tile line to prevent calcium buildups
  • Circulating pool water

To keep a robotic cleaner running smoothly, you’ll have to occasionally clean the built-in pump and filter.

While your automatic pool cleaner’s getting the job done, you can focus on the truly hard work … someone has to lounge and soak up the sun!

Total Tech Pools is a full-service pool company in Oakville, Ontario. Contact us today to learn about our selection of automatic pool cleaners.

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