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As days get shorter and the evenings get cooler, the minds of many pool owners start shifting towards that inevitable end-of-season ritual: the closing.

But what happens if you close your pool too soon?

Continue reading to learn why keeping your pool open a little bit longer might actually be better for both it and you:

What Happens When I Close My Pool Sooner Than Necessary?

1. Algae Is More Likely to Thrive Under the Cover

This is perhaps the biggest problem associated with closing your pool too early—algae blooms. If the water in your pool and air outside are still too warm when you put your cover on, it can create the perfect habitat for microorganisms to flourish. Dealing with that will make the opening nest season process more labour- and time-intensive than expected.

Keep in mind that algae might not be your only issue. If you have excess metals in your water, leaving those levels unattended over the winter can lead to the creation of unsightly stains that can be difficult or impossible to get rid of in the spring.

How should you prepare for your pool closing? Check out our four tips!

2. You Don’t Get to Enjoy It for as Long

Since we (pool owners in Oakville, Burlington, and the surrounding communities) typically only have our pools for the summer season, we have to make the most of it! Leaving your pool open as long as the weather will allow gives you ample time to relax and play.

When Is the Right Time to Close My Pool?

The key factor you need to pay attention to when determining whether or not you should close your pool is the outside temperature. As long as it’s consistently staying above 18 degrees Celsius, you should leave your pool open.

Remember that in a spot like Southern Ontario, where year-by-year conditions can fluctuate significantly, the “right time” to close your pool might vary. If we’re faced with a particularly cool fall, you might be able to close your pool by the end of September or early October. If summery conditions linger past their expected expiry date, the ideal window for closing might shift towards the middle or even end of October.

If you have questions about when you can or should close your pool, contact us, your local and experienced pool service technician, for location-specific advice.

Book Your Pool Closing

Putting your pool’s closing in the hands of seasoned pool service technicians means no hassle for you.

At Total Tech, we offer three types of closing services:

  • Full Pool Closing: This service includes draining your pool, removing and winterizing all equipment, installing covers, and super chlorinating the water.
  • Partial Pool Closing: A partial pool closing is the same as a full except that you are responsible for draining the pool yourself.
  • Winterizing Services: After you close your pool, our pool service technicians will prepare your equipment for winter by blowing out underground plumbing lines, plugging them, and winterizing pool equipment, lights, and skimmers.

We also offer a freeze protection guarantee, which gives you peace of mind throughout the winter.

Click here to book your pool closing with Total Tech!

At Total Tech, our pool service technicians provide a full range of pool closing services for homeowners in Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding communities. Contact us to book your pool closing today!

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