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We carry a variety of specialty pool chemicals including liner cleaners, stain removers, scale and phosphate removers, and non chlorine oxidizers.

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Aqua Brite Plus

A non-halogenated (contains no chlorine or bromine) oxidizing agent to be used for “shock treating” swimming pool water.

Aqua Cop-Out 1 Litre

To prevent stains and scale build-up from occuring and to aid in removing existing stains and minerals such as iron, copper, and calcium.

Aqua Cover Cleaner

Cleans and deodorizes winter covers, blankets, and water bags.

Aqua Eliminator 1 Litre

Removes green, yellow, and black deposits from swimming pool water. Restores water clarity.

Aqua Filter Free 1 Litre

Effectively and economically removes oil and mineral scale deposits from filter elements in order to maintain efficient filter operation and longer filter runs.

Aqua Neutralizer

A granular material used to lower excessive chlorine or bromine levels in swimming pool water.

Aqua No Phos 1 Litre

Increases the efficiency of the Algaecide in swimming pool waters. All natural.

Aqua Salt Cell Cleaner

Cleans salt generator cells. An inhibited acidic product designed to remove scale to improve the efficiency of the cell to produce chlorine.

Aqua Sea-Quest 1 Litre

Helps prevent stains and scale formation in swimming pools. Helps prevent scaling of the cells in the generators.

Aqua Sparkling Clear 1 Litre

A superior treatment for removing suspended solids to produce crystal clear pool water.

Aqua Super Clarifier 1 Litre

It helps eliminate scum lines and improves filter efficiency. Makes pool water shine. Improves filter performance.

Aqua Vinyl Liner Cleaner 1 Litre

All purpose cleaner and degreaser with sprayer for vinyl lined swimming pools and deck equipment.