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It’s the time of year when pool fun starts to wind down. When you pack away your swimsuits, you should consider closing your pool with a Yard Guard pool safety cover.

Built in North America and backed by a 12 year warranty, thousands of pool owners trust Yard Guard to cover their pools in the winter.

To see why they’re so popular, we’ve put together three reasons to use Yard Guard pool safety covers!

1. They’re Safe

Pool Safety Covers Oakville

Yard Guard safety covers are built to cradle the weight of pets and children who may accidentally wander across your closed pool, making them a safe option for your family. And whereas vinyl covers can sink in, a safety cover will support heavy debris that falls onto it.

The stress points that support the most weight are reinforced with triple stitching. Plus, the seams along the edges are strengthened with webbing.

The cover will also stay secure during harsh weather, as the straps run along the both its top and bottom. They fasten to your decking or patio stone with durable brass hardware and stainless steel springs.

2. They Look Good

Pool Safety Covers Oakville

Yard Guard safety covers come in different colours to match your yard’s landscape and line up flush with your pool’s perimeter.

They also address a common issue that pool owners with vinyl covers face – water from rain and snow can build up, mixing with grime and attracting pests. This can create a mess on the cover throughout fall and winter, and is particularly problematic in the spring. But safety covers can stay clean by comparison, because they’re made with compact mesh that lets water fall through while keeping dirt out of the pool.

3. They Simplify Maintenance

Because water seeps through, filling the pool when it’s time to open won’t take as long as usual.

All you have to do to clean a safety cover is hose it down and gently scrub it, since there shouldn’t as much grime or dirty water on the surface compared to a vinyl cover. And if lots of leaves fall in your backyard, they can be easily blown off the Yard Guard cover’s flat surface.

Many service companies also offer lower rates for pool openings if you use a safety cover, as removing it for storage is a straightforward job for trained workers.

It’s easy to see why Yard Guard pool safety covers are growing more and more popular. Strength, appearance, and ease-of-use make them hard to resist!

>> Total Tech Pools is a full-service pool company in Oakville, Ontario that also offers service in Mississauga, Burlington, and surrounding areas. One of our specialities is installing flat, secure pool safety covers. Contact us today to learn more.

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