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Posted By: Dave Warren

Posted on: September 14th, 2018

pool closingDo you feel a chill in the air? Are there more leaves in your pool than usual? Has Halloween candy started to appear on store shelves? If the answer to those questions was yes, it’s time to book and start preparing for your pool’s closing!

Check out these four tips to help you get your pool ready to be closed:

1. Clean Your Pool Before Closing It

It’s important to clean your pool before closing it to remove debris. Leaving it dirty can promote algae growth and make it harder to clean come spring.

  • Skim to remove floating bits like leaves and insects. Remember to be thorough! It’s the last time you’ll be skimming until spring.
  • Vacuum to clear the bottom of your pool. If there’s a lot down there, you might want to consider using a skim bag first.
  • Brush the sides of your pool to make sure you get rid of any built-up grime.

You should clean as needed during the days leading up to your closing, though don’t forget to give it extra attention on the day to prevent debris from collecting.

2. Check Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

You need to test and balance your pool’s water chemistry before closing it to minimize risks for corrosion and prevent scale buildup. Total alkalinity should be between 80 and 120ppm, while the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Make sure you treat your water approximately five days before closing your pool.

Maintaining your Pool's Liner3. Lower Your Pool’s Water Level

You need to drain your pool (getting the water level down below the return jets) to prevent damage over the winter. Be careful that you don’t empty your pool too much! As the soil underneath it freezes and expands, that can actually push your pool upwards if you don’t have enough water in it to keep it weighed down.

Keep in mind that you only need to drain your pool yourself as part of a partial pool closing. If you book a full closing, draining is part of the package. Click here to learn more!

4. Close Your Pool When the Weather is Right

The key takeaway here is to avoid closing your pool when it’s too warm. If the outside temperature is consistently above 18 degrees Celsius, closing it will only encourage algae growth and make opening it in the spring a more labour- and chemical-intensive process.

Booking a Pool Closing

Booking a pool closing with experienced pool service technicians removes the hassle for you:

  • Full Pool Closing: This service includes draining your pool, removing and winterizing all equipment, installing covers, and super chlorinating the water.
  • Partial Pool Closing: A partial pool closing is the same as a full except that you are responsible for draining the pool yourself.
  • Winterizing Services: Pool service technicians will prepare your equipment for winter by blowing out underground plumbing lines, plugging them, and winterizing pool equipment, lights, and skimmers.

Some pool service companies will offer freeze protection guarantees, giving you peace of mind all winter long!

Click here to book your pool closing with Total Tech!

At Total Tech, our pool service technicians provide a full range of pool closing services including for homeowners in Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding communities. Contact us to book your pool closing today!

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