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As the summer season comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool for winter. Properly winterizing your pool is crucial to protect it from the harsh winter elements and ensure a smooth reopening in the spring. At Total Tech Pools Oakville, we understand the importance of a well-executed pool closing, and we are here to guide you through the process with our comprehensive Pool Closing Checklist.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Closing


When to Close Your Pool:

Pool owners typically close their pools from early September until mid-November. Many factors can influence timing, including weather, lifestyle, yard foliage, and pool cover type. With most safety covers, it is best to close as late as possible to avoid having the pool cover on during periods of warm weather. Safety covers are porous and will allow some sunlight to penetrate, which can promote algae growth. I close my pool later in October and open it in April, and it is always crystal clear. With variable-speed pumps and robotic cleaners, it is easy and cost-effective to keep the pool open and is also more aesthetically pleasing. However, when the temperature gets close to freezing, the pool should be closed and, until then, should be kept circulating to prevent any potential freezing damage.


What’s Involved in a Pool Closing:

Closing your pool properly involves several essential steps to protect your investment. At Total Tech Pools Oakville, we offer two main pool closing options and other additional services. Learn more about these services and book your closing on our pool closing page.

Full Closing ($385): Our full pool closing service includes draining your pool, removing, and winterizing all equipment, installing covers, and super chlorinating the water. This comprehensive service ensures your pool is safeguarded against winter’s challenges.

Partial Pool Closing ($315): With the partial pool closing option, you drain the pool yourself while we take care of the rest, including winterizing equipment and installing covers.

Equipment Winterizing Services ($215): To make your pool closing experience even more comprehensive, we offer extra winterization services for your equipment, including blowing out underground plumbing lines, plugging them, and winterizing pool equipment, lights, and skimmers.

Extra Winterization Services:

  • Full Cleaning Cartridge Service ($215.00)
    • Pick up and drop off of cartridges, full cleaning (hose down, full soak in a natural chemical for 24 hours, additional hose down).
  • Winterize hot tub attached to the pool ($95)
  • Additional covers ($125)
  • Winterize Water features which are independent from the pool pump ($50)


Why Choose a Professional Pool Closing:

Opting for a professional pool closing service, like Total Tech Pools Oakville, ensures the process is executed correctly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in winterizing pools, preventing potential issues, and extending the lifespan of your pool and equipment.

Additionally, our freeze protection guarantee offers you peace of mind throughout the winter, knowing your pool is well protected from freezing temperatures. We also offer complimentary cleaning for your salt cell when you bring it into our store at 1380 Speers Road, Oakville, ON L6L 5V3.


Important Tips for a Successful Pool Closing:

To ensure a proper pool closing from Total Tech Pools and a smooth opening in the spring, follow these important tips:

  • Vacuum and clean your pool thoroughly before closing.
  • Maintain proper water chemistry and cleanliness before closing.
  • Regularly check your pool cover during the winter and replace any damaged waterbags or cover retainer strips.
  • Keep an eye on your pool’s water level, topping up as needed to prevent damage from leakage.
  • Ensure easy accessibility to water, power, and closing supplies.
  • Turn off all timers and remove drop-in stairs.


Get Your Pool Ready for Winter with Total Tech Pools Oakville – your Reliable Partner in Pool Care and Maintenance!

Closing your pool for winter is a crucial process that requires attention to detail and proper execution. At Total Tech Pools Oakville, we take pride in offering professional, effective, and safe pool closing services to protect your investment during the winter months.

Book your pool closing with Total Tech Pools Oakville today to ensure a hassle-free winterization process. Plus, when you purchase a safety cover and book its installation, you’ll receive a complimentary pool closing for a limited time.

Dave Warren