Choosing the Right Pool Heater

Having a pool heater can enhance the amount of time your pool is available for you to enjoy. Heaters extend the number of swimming hours in a day as well as the number of swimming months in the year. Pool heaters can run on gas, oil, electricity, or solar power.

The size of the heater is an important consideration—although a smaller heater will cost less to buy initially, it will have to work longer and harder to heat the pool, which can result in higher energy bills depending on the energy source. On the other hand, a larger heater will heat your pool faster and won’t need to run constantly.

At Total Tech, we stock the Pentair Gas Heaters and the Raypack Digital Series Gas Heaters.

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Some Considerations When Choosing a Gas Heater:

Is it a new or replacement unit?

New units require the installation of a gas line, which can be a major undertaking—especially if underground lines are needed. You will have more flexibility in sizing your heater as this is determined by the size of the gas piping.

When replacing an existing unit, it is important to note the size and make of the old unit in order to choose the best replacement.


Will it conform to codes?

It’s crucial to ensure that the installation conforms to code, since failure to do so can pose significant safety concerns and you risk having the unit shut down by the authorities. In Canada, gas pool heaters must be at least 10 feet (3.05 metres) from an opening into a home, at least 3′ (0.9 metres) from a gas meter or air conditioner, and must be properly vented when installed in a cabana.

There are many other code requirements and a licensed gas fitter should always be consulted. Unfortunately, many existing installations do not conform to current codes.


Will the heater be indoors (cabana or shed) or outdoors?

This is important as it will determine if venting is required. Any pool heater that is run indoors will require proper ventilation.


How quickly and efficiently do you want the pool to heat up?

When sizing a heater, you’ll want to consider your pool size, location, and desired temperature rise. In some cases you will be restricted by the size of the existing gas pipe and/or venting.

Important Heater Tip: A certified gas technician should service your gas pool heater annually, ensuring that it runs safely and efficiently. Pool technicians are not certified to start, repair, or maintain pool heaters, and can be fined for doing so.


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