More than Just Safe: The Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

Why Do More Pool Owners Choose Safety Covers?

More and more pool owners choose to invest in safety covers when they close down their pools for the winter. But why are safety covers so popular? Safety is the biggest factor, but these covers provide several other benefits. We’ve outlined a few of them:

Safety Covers Protect Your Family

Safety covers provide a tight and secure cover over your pool that lines up flush with your decking or patio stone. Safety covers are strong enough to hold your weight if someone was to walk across the cover. This makes it the safest option for pool owners who have children or pets. Traditional vinyl covers with waterbags get covered in snow over the winter and can pose a significant safety hazard.

Safety Covers are Easier to Store

Safety covers offer easy storage when compared to lock-in covers or covers with waterbags. If you’re a new pool owner then it’s important to learn the facts about vinyl covers. Vinyl covers (and the separate stair cover) need to be kept in a bucket of water to prevent shrinking.

Algaecide has to be added to the water to avoid algae growth in the bucket. This bucket can be difficult to store if you have limited storage space (and it is heavy to move around). Most pool owners keep their vinyl covers in their pool shed over the summer.

If you don’t have a pool shed then safety covers are a great option. The cover can be folded up easily and stored in the rafters above your garage. It’s a perfect spot to keep the cover out of sight and away from damage.

Safety Covers are Easier to Clean

Vinyl covers get grimy and are difficult to keep clean; safety covers are a lot easier. Simply hose down the material and use a brush to gently scrub off any dirt or debris. Then fold up the cover and allow it to dry before storing it for the season. Safety covers are also great for backyards that get a lot of leaves; the wind will blow away leaves or you can use a leaf blower to keep your cover clear.

Safety Covers are Visually Appealing

Vinyl covers create a sagging mess of pooled water covered in leaves. This can create a habitat for frogs and ducks, or it can be a hazard to squirrels and chipmunks. A major feature of safety covers are the variety of colours to choose from. They are available in blue, green, tan, grey, and black and can be matched to suit your landscape. Tan looks great with patio stones, and grey is a popular choice for backyards with a lot of stone work.

Safety Covers are Durable

Safety covers are built to withstand harsh winters and are backed by a 10 year warranty. The covers are made from woven and extrusion coated polyethylene squares that are custom fit to the shape and measurements of your pool. Rectangular pools can consist of 5’ x 5’ squares, while other pool shapes require 3’ x 3’ squares.

The covers are secured with stainless steel springs and brass hardware that is fixed into anchors around the exterior of the pool. Safety covers anchors can be installed in interlocking brick decks, concrete decks, wood decks, or (when there is less than 3 feet of decking) as landscape or lawn anchors.

Important Information on Safety Covers

Safety covers are permeable which allows water and light to pass through the material. This feature saves you money on water bills; the snow melts into the pool in the spring which allows you to spend little or no money refilling it when you open the pool. Plus, you’ll save on the time it takes to refill the pool.

The drawback? The light that enters can promote algae growth and the pool may look a bit green when you open it. (But don’t worry; this can be cleared up in a few days).

The general rule for safety cover owners is to “Close late, open early”. That way there’s less time for algae to grow and you’ll have a better chance of having cleaner water. The benefits greatly outweigh this slight drawback.

Safety covers offer a significant amount of benefits, as well as piece of mind, for pool owners. It’s no wonder why more and more pool owners choose to switch to safety covers—and they don’t look back.

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