Opening Your Pool

When should I open my pool?

In recent years the trend has been to open your pool earlier, even though it may not be used immediately. This enhances the look of the backyard and eliminates standing water which can attract disease carrying mosquitoes. Maintenance can be kept to a minimum during this colder period. We start opening pools in early April.

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How to Open My Own Pool – Remove Cover

  1. Remove water and debris from cover.
  2. Carefully remove cover.
  3. Clean and store cover.

NOTE: For safety covers – Carefully detach springs from anchors, remove cover then screw anchors back into deck.
TIP: Proper cleaning and storage will prolong the life of the cover. Vinyl covers must be stored in water and algaecide.

How to Open My Own Pool – Equipment De-Winterizing

  1. Remove all winter plugs and foam rope from skimmer and pool jets.
  2. Re-install equipment drain plugs and pool jets.
  3. Re-install ladders, lights, baskets etc. (TIP: Lubricate O-rings with a silicon based lubricant.)
  4. Fill pool.
  5. Prime pump and turn it on. (Pumps may take up to 10 minutes to prime)
  6. Ensure there are no leaks.

NOTE: Pool heaters should be serviced annually by a licensed gas technician to ensure their safety, efficiency and longevity. Contact our Licensed Gas Partner: JV Gas – 905-803-0333 (Jim Andonov).

How To Open My Own Pool – Clean and Balance

  1. Vacuum pool and clean all fixtures.
  2. Super chlorinate pool.(shock)
  3. After the pool water has been circulating 48 hours and has warmed up, bring a water sample in to our store for testing.

TIP: Samples should be taken 12 inches below the surface and away from any jets. Be sure to have water tested within six hours of taking the sample.

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P & MA Morrison from Kingston

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