serv-2Salt water pools (pools with chlorine generators) have become far more popular in the Canadian market in recent years. They are not a new product and have been used with great success for many years in other countries. In fact 90% of pools in Australia use chlorine generators.

How Salt Water Pools Work

Salt is added to the pool to 3,000-3,500 ppm on average. The salt passes through a cell and is converted into Sodium Hypochlorite which continuously “shocks” the pool while maintaining the desired chlorine residual. Once the sanitation has taken place, the Sodium Hypochlorite is converted back to salt, thus creating a continuous loop. It is only necessary to add salt when fresh water is added.

The Benefits of Salt Water Pools

  • Simplifies Pool Maintenance – A chlorine generator automates one of the principal maintenance requirements of a pool by introducing chlorine. It maintains constant and stable chlorine residuals thus greatly reducing the amount of “balancing” chemicals needed. Furthermore the need to handle and store potentially dangerous chlorine products is eliminated.
  • Comfortable Feel To The Water – By introducing only a small amount of natural chlorine to the water, free of binders, fillers, and other chemicals found in regular chlorine, the irritation to bathers’ skin and eyes is greatly reduced. The water feels much softer and quite often bathers prone to skin irritations or allergies will find these conditions less prevalent. The human body has a salt level of roughly 8500 ppm, therefore by bathing in a mild saline solution an isotonic balance is achieved thus reducing eye irritation, skin stretching and wrinkling on the fingertips and toes “pruning”.
  • Cost Reduction – The purchase of a chlorine generator should not be for economic reasons, as the initial outlay will not be immediately realized in savings, however it will be offset by the fact that you will not have to purchase chlorine.

Why buy a Salt Chlorine Generator from us?

  • We have been involved with Salt Chlorine Generators for many years and have worked with this technology both in Canada and abroad. We know how to “set up” pools properly with these systems and are skilled in the water chemistry specific to these systems. Total Tech Pool & Spa carries the Pentair Intellichlor systems. Our in-house service technicians will install it for you. 

Intellichlor by Pentair

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